Soiree en Blanc South Bend

Soirée en Blanc South Bend

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Friday, August 8, 2014  7-10 p.m.
$25.00 per person

All proceeds from
Soirée en Blanc South Bend 2014  will be donated to RiverBend Cancer Services.  Registration is open until Wednesday, August 6th.  

Soirée en Blanc South Bend
  is an ephemeral transformation of a public space by a mass of diners dressed all in white – an elegant pop-up picnic dinner.

The location is kept secret until the last possible moment. The spectacle of a sea of diners dressed in white provides a lovely surprise for passers-by and enhances the urban environment.  

It is non-commercial and non-profit; other than the expenses inherent to the event's organization, all proceeds are donated to our featured non-profit beneficiary.

The evening takes place in a public place that was not designed for such a purpose and is often crowded. It must necessarily be very controlled in order for the future events to be held.

Each guest will bring:


What are the key rules of the event?
Soirée en Blanc South Bend is quite different from other events.  Seats are allotted on site in a very specific manner.  Once confirmed, the presence of each guest thus becomes essential and mandatory, regardless of weather conditions.  Color: white only; clothing (men are encouraged to wear white, but may wear light khaki pants), cloth tablecloth and napkins. Bring a picnic basket, table and foldable chairs.  Each diner is expected to take their refuse with them at the end of the event, leaving the space as clean as it was upon arrival.

How can I attend?

This is an ADULTS ONLY event. Please "like" us on Facebook, we will announce the start of registration here and have featured updates

What is a table captain and may I be one?
Table captains are individuals who will be responsible for recruiting and organizing a block of guests. Ideally, groups should meet off-site and arrive together, then at the designated time, quickly set up the tables and be seated as a group. Please email your request to be a table captain to

Is this an illegal activity?
No. Necessary permissions and permits are acquired for the site being used.

What must guests bring?

A table, folding or lawn chairs (white if possible, but not necessary), a picnic basket comprised of quality menu items, white cloth tablecloth and napkins and white china/stoneware (preferred) dinner service. Diners must be elegantly dressed in white (men are encouraged to wear white, but may wear light khaki pants).  Originality is encouraged as long as it stays stylish and tasteful.

Why are men generally seated on one side and women on the other?
Soirée en Blanc South Bend is a highly photogenic event. Color, style, but also the symmetry of the tables are important components of the overall effect. In case of an uneven number of men and women in a group, or of same-sex dining partners, of course the rule may be suspended.

Why is the schedule so strict?
This event relies on a mass of diners occupying the space simultaneously. The event location is kept secret until the last moment. Please make sure that your bags are packed and you are ready to jump into action when the location notification is sent.

Will the event be cancelled or postponed in case of adverse weather conditions?
The presence of each guest is necessary and mandatory, regardless of weather.  The only exception would be torrential rain and the presence of thunder and lightning.  The event will go on in light rain, please dress appropriately. Be prepared with a transparent poncho or umbrella or raincoat.
Will members from this year’s event receive an invitation to next year’s event?
No. The event is open to the general public and registration takes place through this website. Please "like" us on Facebook to keep up to date each year! Next year's location is going to be different... and secret.

How do I make an additional donation to your featured beneficiary?
You may make an additional donation of the denomination of your choice to our featured beneficiary by clicking the “Donation” link (secured) on the "Registration" tab our web site.

Is my registration fee tax-deductible?
Yes, your registration fee and any donations made on the Soirée en Blanc South Bend web site are tax-deductible.  While Soirée en Blanc South Bend is not a registered non-profit, our beneficiaries are and they will provide you with the necessary tax documents.

How do I nominate a non-profit to become a beneficiary of a future Soirée en Blanc South Bend?

We will have information for future beneficiaries on our web site soon.

What do you do with my registration information?

The only thing that your information is used for is to contact you for Soirée en Blanc South Bend communications.

Examples may be:
• Notification of the event location (via text message and email)
• Pre-event communications
• Invitation to next year's event

Your information will not be sold or distributed to anyone else. You will not receive SPAM. 
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